Front trunk sound insulation cotton- Frunk Insulation Model 3

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  • Special Customized for Tesla Model 3 2017-2019: Frunk Soundproof Cotton Mat has been custom-cut specifically for model 3. Drastically reduce wind noise from entering the cabin along with other outside noises.
  • Drastically reduce wind noise when driving at high speeds, enhance the leak-proof nature of the car.improve cooling of the car interior air conditioning, keep your car more sealed so you can keep your car away from dust, rain, and fog.
  •  Made from environmental material,the same material as your original car.odorless,no formaldehyde. It’s durable, long lasting for using,Keep your car from aging.
  • Clean the area where the pieces are to be applied, Remove red tape from the soundproof pad, push it above the installed place and press it several times.
  • ·Tesla Model 3 Accessories :A must have for all Tesla 3 owners, Make your car more sealed,Reduce car noise,Prevent hood aging