ST3ALTH is a veteran owned small business based out of PNW in Everett, WA. I purchased my first Tesla 2 years ago, after I went to the Tesla dealership along the way to book my new ICE vehicle. I Test drove the ICE a day prior  and was going to make the deposit for that ICE vehicle even though i didn't like it 100% I was about to make a compromise. 

Gladly that detour along the way to the dealership and been able to test drive the Model 3 Dual Motor without appointment changed my life. I felt like i was in a spaceship when I first drove TESLA, it literally felt like I am floating.

Now here I am selling Tesla S,3,X,Y aftermarket accessories and providing certain services for the upgrades for your awesome electric vehicles just like mine :)

Every product on the online store and physical store located in Everett, WA has been quality inspected and tested. So buy with confidence.

We have a  simple goal to make your car look personalized, stylish and add more performance to Tesla's electric vehicles.

Please come and say hi!