Front License plate holder Model 3 2021

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Genuine ST3ALTH Bracket for 2021-2017 Tesla Model 3 - Patented USA Made Version - NO Holes, NO Adhesives, NO Drilling Front License Plate Mounting Holder 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017

The ST3ALTH Slipstream Bracket was created to offer Tesla owners a much better option for attaching a front license plate and avoiding a “failure to display” ticket of upwards to $200 for incident. Prior to developing this product, Tesla owners only had two options to avoid being ticketed: 1) Use the factory provided bracket and apply strong adhesive tape directly to the factory finish and/or drill holes straight through the bumper, permanently ruining and diminishing the value of the vehicle, or 2) Attach an aftermarket “no-drill” bracket directly to the plastic grille using a bunch of nuts, bolts and hardware ultimately blocking the critical cold air intakes and leading to drivetrain inefficiency, warranty concerns and premature failure of the delicate plastic grille and louvers. Neither option is worth the risk and leaving the front license plate completely off always leave you vulnerable to tickets and another reason for an officer to pull over a Tesla. The Slipstream Bracket is completely different. It is designed to be installed or removed, on demand. The Patent Pending design is the only solution designed to transfer forces away from the delicate plastic grille and downward toward the more substantial front air dam. It effectively absorbs vibration, shock and wind force better than any other product. And, as a security measure, the Slipstream Bracket can be locked into place using the single provided L-key tool. It’s the perfect secure, quick release, self-contained front license plate mounting solution for Tesla owners who want to avoid tickets and protect their vehicle while still being able to quickly and easily unlock and remove the entire front license plate and complete assembly whenever desired.

  • Strong, protected rust-proof metal quality materials - NOT PLASTIC. **THIS VERSION FITS MODEL 3 ONLY (Model Y and Model X use a different version)** Original USA designed and built Slipstream Bracket offers much higher quality materials, more durable powder coating and exclusive thermally applied protective pads designed to endure all weather and temperature conditions.
  • NO product assembly required. Only the USA version Slipstream Bracket comes to you fully assembled with very specific product specifications (within .001” tolerance) to provide the absolute maximum level of protection to your Tesla grille and bumper. Simply insert 6 security screws into the clean threads provided and your done!
  • Each Slipstream Bracket is laser cut and hand sanded, one at a time, by the actual product inventors, to guarantee NO sharp edges to get cut or snagged on. The super-clean edges also provide superior power coat adhesion along the corners and edges.
  • High-end industrial strength powder coat finish (phosphate prep, thicker application and high fusion temp) provides the best appearance and is FAR MORE DURABLE at preventing road rash chipping and/or peeling along the edges - even after 100,000 miles of harsh driving conditions.
  • Tested and guaranteed to work flawlessly with Autopilot. Installs easily in just a few minutes and can be quickly removed for brush/touch type car washes. Includes an exclusive security pin tool and quality stainless steel locking fasteners (not cheap hex head screws) to keep the Slipstream Bracket locked securely in place.