Forged Carbon Fiber Rear Lip Spoiler - Model 3

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Upgrade your Tesla Model 3 with a genuine forged carbon rear spoiler.  Similar to the OEM performance spoiler, the Big Lip is about 1.5x long and has ridged supports on the underside.  Construction is carbon fiber with forged carbon overlay. 

Installation is simple using the 3M double-sided tape already placed on the underside of the spoiler:

  1. Clean the rear trunk before installation
  2. Peel edges of double sided tape and leave the tag end sticking out
  3. Position rear spoiler on the trunk
  4. Center the spoiler by aligning the center support ridge with the Tesla "T" logo
  5. Peel backing away and affix the spoiler to the trunk
  6. Tape adhesive takes 24-36 hrs to fully cure

UV from the sun can cause carbon fiber epoxy to become yellow and/or cloudy. Because the spoiler is directly exposed to the sun we HIGHLY recommend ceramic spray or other forms of UV protection.