Dry Carbon Fiber Rear Trunk Tailgate Trim- Model S

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Item Fit For Tesla Model S 2014-2019

Item Description

Condition : 100% Brand new


Material: High quality of Real Carbon Fiber

Easy installtion,3M tape is at the back.

Method Of Installation:

Step 1 Please clean the area and eliminates the substance before mounting this product.

Step 2 To check the installation area according to the vehicle with this product first and then release the back of 3M tape paper (double-sided tape, a label) is removed

Step 3 Products are equipped on the vehicle with exactly and use a clean cloth to press evenly is attached.

Step 4 Products within 24 hours after installed, please avoid washing your car and touching the water.


If you not familar with DIY, please ask professional for help.

Sub-zero weather during the winter, the adhesion 3M tape adhesion is getting weak .You could heat the place of 3M tape with a heat gun