Optimum G-P-S Glaze, Polish & Seal All in one 18 oz

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Glaze, Polish, & Seal with Optimum GPS™ All-in-One

Optimum GPS™ is the most remarkable, all-in-one product ever produced in a spray form! This zero dusting, buttery-smooth formula is the ultimate, one-step product. It creates gloss and long term protection that is second to none. Optimum GPS™ contains micro abrasives that eliminate (not hide) minor surface imperfections. It provides swirl mark removal, the final polish and a durable wax/sealant…all in one step! The spray application makes priming the pad very easy and reduces product usage. GPS™ creates a perfect shine on all types of paint, fiberglass, gel coat and smooth molded plastic. A single application provides “optimum” protection for your vehicle that lasts for months!

Directions for use:

Hand Application: Spray on a small area and wipe in with a dampened foam or cloth applicator. After slight hazing occurs, wipe-off with a microfiber or terry towel for a perfect shine.

Machine Application: Apply with orbital or rotary polisher and appropriate pad for the job. Spray once to prime the pad and one spray per panel to create a lubricating barrier between the buffing pad and the surface. Work across the area until product disappears. (We suggest 1000-1400 rpms for rotary polishers). Wipe with a lightly misted cotton towel for a steak-free, perfect finish. For deeper surface imperfections, use Optimum Polish or Optimum Compound prior to GPS.