Cup Holder Card Slot Flocking and Plastic Version - Model 3/Y

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  • Multi-function:Cup holder for Tesla Model 3 can not only stabilize the water cup, anti-slip and anti-sway, but also can place cards, mobile phones, money,cigarette and other accessories.
  • Soft material: We use advanced flocking material to reduce impact, which will perfectly protect the objects placed inside. The whole looks more tasteful and more comfortable to use.
  • Plastic versus uses the same design and functionality except the soft layering of flocking material.
  • Side damping design:We have designed the vibration absorption and anti-slip gasket on the cup holder's side, which can reduce the abnormal noise and even damage caused by huge impact effectively.
  • Easy to install:No need for troublesome installation process.You just need to place it in the central console and it will fit your car perfectly.
  • Package Content: 1 Cup Holder for Tesla Model 3,Y